Find answers to frequently asked questions below:

  • For Profit (structured as an LLC or corporation)
  • Proof of Concept (i.e. Sales, Partnerships, Active Users, etc.)
  • 50% of FoundHers must be women, of Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, or Asian descent, AND based in Hawaiʻi
  • Early Stage (under 3 years of existence)
  • Falls under at least one of our five industries of focus Tech, Food, Fashion, Keiki/Education, and Health/Wellness
  • FoundHers’ values align with our own

Tech: communication systems, social media, IoT, online activism, AI, computer science

Food Systems/Restaurants: farms, produce, consumer goods

Fashion: accessories, clothing, apparel recycling/disposal programs

Health & Wellness: spirituality, beauty products, natural remedies, mental health services, fitness

Keiki/Education: children’s toys, education programs or tools, art and art programs

If you aren’t sure if you meet every program qualification, we encourage you to submit an inquiry, or submit an application.

Funding amounts will be determined at the beginning of the program.

No, the funding is a grant and does not take equity in return.

On average, our participants spend 15 hours per week on the program, including curriculum meetings, mentor meetings, and assignments. This does not include the in-person retreats that take place over 1 weekend per-month.

Fill out an inquiry at the bottom of the page, or email angel@purplemaia.org with your question.

A requirement of our program is that at least 50% of the founders are Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or Native Hawaiian women.

FoundHer is a 6-month business accelerator that provides a non-dilutive grant as part of the program. You are required to fully participate in the programming to receive the grant.