What are the basic criteria to qualify for the program?
  • For Profit (structured as an LLC or corporation)
  • Proof of Concept (i.e. Sales, Partnerships, Active Users, etc.)
  • 50% of FoundHers must be women, of Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, or Asian descent, AND based in Hawaiʻi
  • Early Stage (under 3 years of existence)
  • Falls under at least one of our five industries of focus Tech, Food, Fashion, Keiki/Education, and Health/Wellness
  • FoundHers’ values align with our own
Can you give me examples of businesses in the industries you are targeting?

Tech: communication systems, social media, IoT, online activism, AI, computer science

Food Systems/Restaurants: farms, produce, consumer goods

Fashion: accessories, clothing, apparel recycling/disposal programs

Health & Wellness: spirituality, beauty products, natural remedies, mental health services, fitness

Keiki/Education: children’s toys, education programs or tools, art and art programs